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009 – Your private doctor will see you now

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Dr. James PinckneyDr. James Pinckney

There’s more to Dr. James Pinckney than what you see in the VistaPrint commercials. He’s a major player in concierge medicine, starting his practice (Diamond Physicians) in 2012 in Dallas, Texas. He has opened two additional locations in the Dallas metro area and has expanded the practice’s scope of services, now known as Diamond Luxury Healthcare. Dr. James is a Fox News medical expert, actor, and even has a US patent on a surgical gown… Nice!

Docs, if you don’t know, concierge medicine has become a popular alternative for patients and physicians. The usual model revolves around patients paying a month fee (or subscription) and, in exchange, they get exclusive access to their primary care doctor. Depending on the practice, this access can include:

  • Same day appointments with no waiting time
  • 24/7 direct access to a physician (no answering service in most instances)
  • Telemedicine or email access

If you’ve been living under the rock, here is Dr. James in the national VistaPrint commercial.

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How a patient request in the middle of the night  during his General Surgery residency led him to an epiphany and set the foundation for his path towards concierge medicine
  • Why he’s so passionate about concierge medicine and what about the current climate of healthcare that has more docs considering this practice style
  • How he’s standardizing his practice to be replicable not only in Family Medicine but in other specialities like OB/GYN; he also has a franchise model in the works
  • Some of the intricacies of concierge medicine  and direct primary care
  • How he handles being available to his patients 24/7. No answering service here folks!
  • How he answers #imnotjustadoc 


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