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035 – Learning the skills to be an entrepreneur over lunchtime with Dr. Scarbrough

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My next guest is Dr. Shanicka Scarbrough, author of Lunchtime Physician Entrepreneur: An Easy Blueprint from Moving from Employee to Private Practitioner in Your Spare Time. This book is a six-step guide to help doctors not only get courage, but to learn the know-how to start a private practice on their own terms. And she would know, she was making moves to start her own private practice WHILE she was still employed at her previous position. She’s taking lunch & learn to another level!

Dr. Scarbrough also was a host of her own show on Urban Broadcast Media – The DivaMD Show. She also has very vibrant Facebook communities where women entrepreneurs are uplifted and encouraged. She also takes pride in her medical humanitarian work in Haiti and South Africa.

Dr. Shanicka obtained her medical degree from the University of Illinois – Chicago, and completed her Family Medicine training at Christ Advocate Medical Center.

Things to pick up in this episode:

  • Top 3 mistakes physicians make when starting a practice
  • Fears doctors may have going from being employed to being in private practice
  • Her advice on writing a book
  • Tips on social media and livestreaming for doctors
  • How she answers #imnotjustadoc 

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