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109 – I Hate My Job But should I really burn this bridge?!!

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What’s good everyone!

On this episode, Dr. Bonnie Mason (previously from Episode 18) joins me on how to properly handle difficult non-clinical situations. We’re talking about how to leave without burning bridges even though you absolutely hate your toxic job. By now, it’s pretty standard knowledge to have a lawyer review your hospital/employee contract. Dr. Bonnie has a hot take on whether you should allow your lawyer to take the extra step and negotiate on your behalf.

You’ve heard of non-disclosure agreements (NDA), right? Okay, well have you heard of non-disparaging agreements?! Yup, they exist and I was shocked to hear about them also.

This is an episode for everyone, whether you’re still a resident or a fresh new attending; there’s plenty of bombs being dropped by Dr. Bonnie.

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