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145 – DOTB VS Day 2 – Work Smarter, Not Harder by Embracing Passive Streams of Income

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We’re on to Day 2 of the Docs Outside the Box Virtual Summit. Yesterday, we heard from Dr. Carmen Brown on how leaving the US to practice overseas both revitalized her career and her mental well- being.

Today we’re shifting to creating wealth for yourself but not through your job. A lot of people who have detached from their 9 to 5 refer back to the book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad as the catalyst. This book was written by Robert Kiyosaki in 1997 and told the story of his 2 dads – his real father (poor dad) and the father of his best friend (rich dad) – and the ways both men shaped his thoughts on money and investing 

My next guest, Dr. Peter Kim has been doing the same for some time now. He’s he runs the famous blog Passive Income MD, and Curbside Real Estate, which is a concierge service for physicians looking to buy real estate. He’s here to help me parse through a recent interview that real estate mogul Grant Cardone did on VladTV, which is a popular YouTube channel focused on the news in Hip Hop. In this video interview, Grant talked about his childhood, how he started in real estate and also how he quickly multiplied his holdings. It’s a very polarizing interview, look below for the embedded video to watch.


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