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175 – Darko Real Estate Series – Should I get a Tesla or purchase an investment property?

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What’s good everyone,

Welcome back for the second installment of our real estate series. Remember, we’re taking you through the highs and lows of our journey into obtaining our first invest property. Make sure you check out Episode 171 where I talk about my first experience with being a landlord. Spoiler Alert: it sucked!!

On this episode, we pivot and talk about the foundational mindset needed to embrace real estate. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki will serve as the backdrop for this discussion. I read it several years ago, but Dr. Renee consumed this in less than a day over a year ago – and she’s never been the same since.

Here are the concepts we discuss on this episode:

  • What job security really means if you’re employed
  • Thinking like an owner vs thinking like a consumer
  • Rich people don’t work for people. They make money work for them
  • Great opportunities are not seen with your eyes, they’re seen with your mind

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