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2 ER docs wanna quit to be locums – Locum Series part 1, #381

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We love audience questions! 2 ER doctors who want to quit their jobs and start working locums wrote in to find out the blueprint to starting their own locums company. There’s a lot to cover with this subject. So much so that we decided to answer this question over several episodes. For the next six weeks, every Friday we'll answer aspects of this question. Every medical professional should listen in.  

Things to expect in this episode:

  • Nii and Renée discuss why many doctors are unhappy with being employed
    • Lack of financial knowledge and privilege
    • Can’t balance work and family
    • Want for autonomy
  • Biggest reason why Nii & Renée love locums

7 Top Reasons Doctors Quit Their Jobs To Become Locums


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