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202 – DRS – Close but no cigar + You wouldn’t like me when I get angry

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“We have to postpone this closing…I gotta pick up my son!!”

Yup, I said that. As you’ve already learned by listening to previous episodes, there are many potential potholes along the way to becoming a landlord. Let’s be real though, it took us over 10 years to become fully minted attendings, we’re not going to let real estate scare us away.

So on this episode, you’re going to catch us while we’re driving on the highway to close on the property. Did we forget to mention that the REAL closing was the day before? Yup! Take a listen to find out why!

These are the 4 main things we discussed in this episode:

  • Why we had to postpone the closing AT THE CLOSING!!!!
  • Nii becomes Bruce Banner / The Hulk when he feels his time isn’t respected
  • How quickly the seller’s problems can become YOUR problems
  • There are certain breeds of pets that your landlord insurance will not cover 


(coming soon)

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Money Insights – check them out at https://moneyinsights.net/

Renee and I have been using their Zero to Freedom Course to help us purchase our first multi-family property. We definitely recommend it and think you should get it also if you’re serious about rental properties.

Here is the direct link to get the course: https://semiretiredmdvip.mykajabi.com/a/39233/oNkXFYy9

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