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216 – I’m a busy resident/doctor! How do I start Investing?

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There’s a lack of investment confidence within the medical profession. Let's face it, most of our time is dedicated to patient care, with little time left over to learn a completely new subject. 

You may be thinking to yourself “I want to invest, pay off my student loans and retire early, but something’s holding me back!” I used to think that way and what was holding me back – I was scared to lose money.

Don’t worry, anyone can learn about investing! It doesn’t have to be complicated and daunting as it seems.

Today, we got Hans Boateng (aka The Investing Tutor) to give us a 101 lesson on starting in Investing!

Learn how to make your money work for you as he shares how to invest in the stock market, take advantage of your retirement plan, as well as some proven investing strategies to grow your money!


These are the five main things we discussed in this episode:

  • Why you should invest your money in the stock market and not just sit it in a savings account
  • The power of compounding
  • Why you should take advantage of that retirement account
  • The difference between an index fund and an ETF
  • An easy strategy to start investing today!


The Guest

Hans earned his Path of Distinction MBA from William and Mary and holds a Doctor of Pharmacy from St. John Fisher College. Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. 

He has built quite the following and one of the respected investment tutors in the country. Hans has helped countless professionals and placed many families on the path of generational wealth!

LinkedIn | The Investing Tutor



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