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001 – When the going gets tough… MOVE! Intro to Podcast & Dr. Carmen Brown

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Dr. Nii Darko

I’m Dr. Nii Darko and welcome to the first ever episode of Docs Outside the Box podcast! I have finally launched and I’m not looking back! Are you a doctor who feels trapped by the notion that having a traditional clinical practice is the only end point to your career? Not sure you can have the bomb lifestyle and medical career of your dreams? Think again! Docs Outside the Box will feature guests and topics covering career advice, entrepreneurship, personal finance, technology, and more!

My first guest is Dr. Carmen Brown, an obstetrician-gynecologist who practices all the way down under in New Zealand. She is a southwest Atlanta native who started her medical career in Athens, Georgia. After being fed up with all the typical frustrations doctors have, she and her husband literally closed up shop, packed their bags, and took a world tour. If you’ve ever been to New Zealand, you’ll know why they decided to call it their new home.

Follow her on her blog called Adventures of the Brown Kiwis (brownkiwis.blogspot.com)

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The differences in practicing medicine between the United States and New Zealand
  • What’s it like as an African American woman living there
  • What financial preparations were necessary to leave her practice and take off on a world tour
  • What’s her advice for other physicians considering moving and practicing abroad
  • Why she’s not just a doc!

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