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Caring for a Child with Disabilities. #401

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Kelley Coleman, our esteemed guest and author of the book “Everything no One Tells You About Parenting A Disabled Child,” brings her candid perspective to the table, peeling back the layers of misconception that disability equates to tragedy.

Things to expect in this episode:

  • The thought process of how family life changes when you give birth to a child with disabilities.
  • Support systems in place to help parents whose children have disabilities.
  • Services that parents whose children have disabilities should be looking for.
  • Systems that Kelley Coleman has in place to get things done as a parent who has a child with disabilities.
  • Finances as a parent with a disabled child/children.
  • Planning the future for your disabled child.

To get a copy of Kelley Coleman’s  Book click here – https://www.amazon.com/Everything-Tells-About-Parenting-Disabled/dp/0306831708#:~:text=Her%20book%20Everything%20No%20One,kids%20exactly%20as%20they%20are 



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