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Giving back: Is it always a good thing? #396

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As Dr. Nii and Dr. Renee unravel the tapestry of gender roles in today's workplace, we're confronted by the delicate interplay between professional commitments and personal relationships. Our podcast peels back the layers on how societal expectations can dictate the ebb and flow of decision-making within partnerships, sometimes leading to one partner influencing the career trajectory of the other. We are also prompted to join hands in donating to the SNMA to foster medical education and support to medical students. You can also donate to the SNMA by clicking on the link down below.

Turning our gaze towards global health, Dr. Nii and Dr. Renee engage in a profound dialogue on the ethics of surgical care in medical missions. We stress the imperative of leaving a legacy of sustainability, focusing on the ripple effects of our actions long after we've departed. By sharing our own experiences and the lessons learned, we aim to influence the future architects of medical aid to build on a foundation of local empowerment, trust, and most importantly, continuity of care.

Our episode then takes a more intimate turn as we navigate the complexities of working while pregnant and how we've applied a 'spousal veto' within our own dynamic. The raw recount of our IVF journey underscores the sacrifices often hidden behind the closed doors of couplehood. We open up about the emotional toll and the intricate ballet of negotiating between career ambitions and the profound yearning to grow a family. Join us for a conversation that doesn't just scratch the surface but seeks to find solace and understanding in the shared struggles that touch so many lives.

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