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Healthcare to houses: Doctors building wealth. #408

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As a high-earner physician, discover how to leverage real estate syndications to carve out more personal time without sacrificing financial growth. 

Clint Harris from Nomad Capital joins us to share innovative investment strategies that repurpose old retail spaces into thriving self-storage facilities. 

Imagine a life where financial, location, and time independence converge, creating an 'independence of purpose' that many of us in high-stress careers yearn for. 

Things to expect in this episode:

  • What Nomad capital does and what is a syndication.
  • Why should doctors who make a lot of money consider Real Estate?
  • How does one make the jump into syndication and things to consider.
  • Why is self storage such a big deal and how does it work?
  • The passive investment strategy.
  • What is the end goal for typical syndications?



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