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How this doc helped a single mother of 3 pay off over $500k of student loan debt #271

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Knowing that you have student loan debt versus paying them off are two different things. Nii remembers having mad doubts about our payoff plan and the timing of being able to complete this task. In this episode, Nii & Renee briefly discuss what it’s like to have someone to support you during this time. 

We also have Dr. Caroline Clerisme, a Dentist and found of Doctors out of Debt, on this show. She graduated from dental school with $250k of student loan debt and was able to pay it off in less than 5 years. During that time she also became an entrepreneur. Dr. Clerisme now coaches professionals on how to pay down debt responsibly while also creating generational wealth.


Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How not to feel overwhelmed if you got a ton of debt
  • Key strategies for paying off debt
  • How Dr. Clerisme financially made it through COVID lockdowns as a non-essential healthcare provider
  • Why goal setting is important



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