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Questions for an OB Doctor. #400

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Ever find yourself pondering the secret lives of those married to the heroes in white coats? This episode peels back the curtain on the seldom-discussed world of an OB-GYN Doctor married to a surgeon, where the quirks and challenges are as intricate as the surgeries performed. 

Join us as we weave through tales of unpredictable schedules and the necessity of juggling acts that come with being the other half to a surgeon. Dr. Renée, an OB-GYN, steps into the spotlight to share how she crafted a career that pays homage to her dedication to medicine and motherhood. Her story is a rich tapestry of personal conviction and the art of balancing scrubs with family hugs.

 Things to expect in this episode:

  • Insights into the Surgeon's Spouse Life
  • Dr. Renée's Personal Journey as a OB-GYN Locums Doctor and a mother.
  • Medical School Triumphs where Dr. Renée reveals how a less-than-stellar MCAT score was just a comma, not a full stop, in her narrative.
  • How Dr. Renée overcame naysayers and academic challenges, fortified by parental support and her unwavering resolve.
  • OB-GYN common Myths.



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