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The Glaucomfleckens – Comedy, Marriage, & Sacrifice. #406

Show Notes

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In this episode, the Flanary duo—Dr. Glaucomflecken and Lady Glaucomflecken—guide us with humor and humanity.

Join us for an episode brimming with laughter, candidness, and wisdom from two figures who have carved a niche at the intersection of healthcare, social media, and the heart of everyday life.

Things to expect in this episode:

  • What The Glaucomfleckens skits say about the state of medicine for physicians.
  • There is a ban on physicians owning hospitals.
  • The Glaucomfleckens experience with William Flanary having testicular cancer twice and a cardiac arrest.
  • How The Glaucomfleckens try to create balance amidst practicing medicine, podcasting, social media and family.
  • Lady Glaucomflecken talks about leaving her career/job to focus on the family business.
  • Dr. Glaucomflecken talks about comedy and getting heat from some of his jokes.
  • Quick fast fire questions for The Glaucomfleckens as a couple.



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