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Why we rent and don’t own a home as two doctors.#412

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As two physicians we're challenging the norms of homeownership, and why sometimes, renting may just be your golden ticket to freedom and flexibility.

Renting or buying a house isn't just a simple checkbox; it's about understanding the impact on your life, your career, and your wallet.

Things to expect in this episode:

  • Why do a two physician household with no debt still rent and don't own a home.
  • Dr.Nii's experience of owning a home & renting it out..
  • Getting a property manager.
  • Is success measured by owning a home?
  • Difference in the homely feel when renting vs. owning.
  • Our opinions on if we want to get a house now.


Ramit Sethi – Why renting can be better than owning a home.



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