Taking your family on a locums assignment

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One of the most important aspects of locums to me has been integrating my family life with all the travel and new destinations. I find that my family enjoys coming with me on assignments and seeing new destinations is exciting. Experiencing new parts of the country, sites, and attractions that they otherwise might never have had the opportunity to see is thrilling for them. Locum tenens assignments with your family also makes work/life balance much easier.

Sharing the road life with family

I try to take my family as much as possible wherever I go. At this point in my career, I’ve traveled all over the country, from smaller critical access coastal towns in Northern California to busy city settings such as Nashville, Tennessee. I have found that each location has its own unique offerings for my family.

We always have fun looking for local tourist spots, such as well-known restaurants or sites which may be unique to the area. If you drive like I do, you may come across a number of lesser-known points of interest in between your home and your final destination, which may be worth visiting.

Young children love the adventure

I have two young girls, currently three and nine years old, who absolutely love to come on assignments. It’s always an adventure, and I find that my three-year-old even frequently asks when we’re next going to our hotel. They have fun with the local amenities within the hotel — breakfasts, the pool, and a variety of other local entertainment. I think it really serves to broaden your children’s horizons, versatility, and sense of adventure.

It can often be difficult to go on assignments with young children, however, namely because you’ll need someone to watch them if you are a single parent. If your significant other is with you, then they might be stuck in a more limited living situation with young children who are often more demanding. That being said, you’ll certainly want to plan ahead in terms of food, activities, and other accommodations.

Advance prep is crucial

Traveling with family — particularly children — involves doing some reconnaissance prior to your visit. I have found that the orientation staff and welcome coordinators are often very knowledgeable about local activities, both for you, your spouse, and your children. Depending on the duration and the frequency of your coverage, it may be worthwhile to get seasonal passes to local museums, resorts, or other attractions, as I have.

Accommodations have never been an issue. When I take my family, we stay together in the hotel, which is provided by the locums agency. For larger families, it may be necessary to consider additional accommodations, like an Airbnb. My preferred travel is primarily by car. As a result, there is no additional cost for travel when taking my family, as there would be if we were flying. While the locums agency will not cover the cost of your family flying with you, they often assist in coordinating the travel for you and your family.

Taking your family on locums assignments gives you precious time and adventure with your family, so plan your trip and enjoy the journey.


Dr. Nicholas Kusnezov Nicholas Kusnezov, MD, shares one huge upside of locum tenens for him: quality time with his wife and kids on the road.




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