Docs Outside the Box is a fusion of medicine, money, and pop culture. Dr. Nii Darko looks into the minds of cutting-edge and innovative doctors, professionals, influencers, and entrepreneurs who are earning, saving, and investing their way to lifestyles they’ve always wanted. You won’t find these financial lessons in any medical textbook. You’re getting real, live insight from men and women pushing the envelope beyond medicine. Welcome to medicine’s new media!

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Dr. Nii, featuring co-host, Dr. Renée

Tune in to hear Dr. Nii and his wife and occasional co-host, Dr. Renée, banter back and forth about life outside the box, money, pop culture, and more!

The docs met just as they were about to enter medical school together. They enjoy being doctors, but also realize that medicine has many other opportunities to offer than just seeing patients in an office or hospital. They took their other talents off the back burner and began to leverage their medical degrees to help other current and aspiring doctors reach their goals.

In the midst of paying off $662,000 in student loan debt and starting a family, the docs quit their permanent jobs and  launched 3 businesses, one of which was Docs Outside the Box podcast. They talk money, medicine, and pop culture. Come for the gems. Stay for laughs!






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