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We’re not just doctors… We’re content creators! 

We connect with our audience on a personal level, sharing our stories of life’s shenanigans, financial challenges, and career grind. We keep it 💯 with our audience. Sharing our own learning process is really important and allows us to be in our audience’s shoes. That’s what keeps them listening!


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Docs Outside the Box (DOTB) is the premier career podcast for medical professionals. DOTB is the first of its kind – delivering not only extraordinary stories of doctors living their lives to the fullest but also actionable career/lifestyle advice. The podcast is consistently in the Top 30 of the Careers section of Apple Podcasts. The show also boasts over 35,000 downloads a month.

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Welcome to medicine’s new media… The revolution of doctors breaking the typecast of just being doctors is here! I want to bring it to the world LIVE & DIRECT. 



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