What You Should Know About Becoming a Part-time Physician


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Could part-time or Per Diem work be the answer to achieving work-life balance? Our recruiter shares why more providers are considering these options.

Has working full-time lost its appeal? If so, you’re not alone.

A recent Medscape survey found that 22% of doctors have considered leaving their careers in favor of a nonclinical position, with many pointing to a desire to work fewer hours.

But you don’t have to leave medicine or clinical care to land part-time work. Many employers are open to discussing reduced workloads, and others are hiring specifically for part-time positions.

For example, Provider Solutions & Development (PS&D) is recruiting for dozens of part-time or Per Diem providers.

PS&D Senior Provider Recruiter Sarah Ledbetter says a shift has taken place in how physicians think about work hours, particularly as it relates to physician burnout, a long-standing issue that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sarah has worked with brand new providers who want to get ahead of physician burnout by starting with a lower workload right after residency. She’s also helped find part-time positions for mid-career physicians and those nearing retirement — many of whom switch to part-time before retiring.

“Things have changed over the years. It’s no longer unusual for providers to work less than full-time at any career stage,” Sarah says. “Reduced work hours and improved work-life balance make for a satisfying experience, and that’s something that most health systems are now offering.”

Whether you’re new to medicine, in the middle of your career or closing in on that retirement date, there are things you should know as you consider going part-time or working Per Diem.

What to Consider When Going Part-Time


Part-time physician work will come with pro-rated pay. But lower pay is not a deterrent for many. Medscape’s 2022 Lifestyle & Happiness Report found that 55% of physicians would consider a salary reduction if it meant improved work-life balance. Just make sure you understand and accept the financial ramifications of making the switch to part-time.

Want more tips on what to consider before you go part-time? Check out the full article. Want to discuss your career options with an expert Recruitment Advisor? We have those on deck at Provider Solutions & Development. We offer holistic, personalized guidance to help you find the right fit, at every step in your career. Start the conversation today.



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