Why Work with Dr. Nii

Dr. Nii Darko grew tired of being taken advantage of by certain financial planners. He felt he as at a disadvantage because he lacked basic financial knowledge. He found podcasts that not only were educational but were also fun to listen to on his commute to work. With the help of podcasts, alongside his wife, they were able to pay off $625K in student loans in 3 years!

The Beginner's Guide to Building Brand Authority Through Podcasting

Are you ready to be the authority? Up to half of the American population listens to podcasts weekly. Odds are, you’ve been one of them. Now, you’re ready to be behind the mic – but you’ve got questions. In 3,2,1… Podcast! your favorite physician podcaster answers these questions and more.

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The blueprint to launch your podcast in 10 Easy Steps

Take the fast track to develop the essential skills you need to become the next great podcaster. In this online intensive, self-directed course, I will teach you how to podcast, record your first few episodes, and launch your podcast in just 10 easy steps! Here’s what you’ll get…

Hire Me to Speak at your next workshop

I am very passionate about breaking the typecast of doctors being just doctors! I use that same passion when speaking to an audience. My audience leaves inspired, and motivated to take action. Below are my speaking topics:

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